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Author Topic: The departure of Barrenger  (Read 770 times)

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The departure of Barrenger
« on: December 15, 2011, 08:44:48 AM »
As his Rattletrap descended, Barrenger could see Gharett had already arrived.  The perpetually happy Sullustan was sipping soup, as he leaned up against his ship.

“Hiya B!” Gharett exclaimed as Barrenger climbed out of the cockpit.

Barrenger only nodded in reply.

“It’s been weeks and weeks since I saw you last.” continued Gharett.

Barrenger gave Gharett a half smile,” I’m afraid it’ll be even longer before our paths cross again.”

Gharett looked puzzled, as Barrenger walked up a gently sloping hill.  Gharett ran to catch up.

The hill overlooked a small lake, and from the vantage point one had a clear view of Dantooine’s sunset. 

Barrenger kneeled down wiping dirt and overgrown grass away from a simple stone marker.  None would have found it, if they did not know it was there.

“What’s this?” asked Gharett.

“Grave marker,” replied Barrenger.

Solemnly Barrenger removed his favorite hat, his trademark as he called it, and laid it on the marker. 

“What are you doin?” Gharett asked, clearly confused as to Barrenger’s actions.

Barrenger pointed at the marker, it stated simply. Davin F’nar:

“Gharett, I’m simply returning to Dad his things.”

Barrenger sighed and Gharett stared at the marker confused by the revelation.

“This hat belonged to my father; he was killed in a speeder accident on Corellia.  Bout a year ago I learned Black Sun was behind it. He was killed because he led a group against the Mining Guild. Which XTS had investments. I vowed to get vengeance on Black Sun, that job, with a lot of help, is done.”

“That’s a very sad story, um. . . Barrenger,” replied Gharett softly.

“Its about to get sadder, you see I’m leaving . . . never to return I’ve gotten a contract on the Semi-Pro Swoop Circuit, and I wanted to say good bye to you.” Answered Barrenger.

“But you can’t leave!” exclaimed Gharett, “We still have many things to do.”

‘I know G…but time has run out. I must go.”


“The Corporate Sector; The Ebony Blade will be my home from now on.”

Tears filled Gharett’s eyes,” take me with you, please you’ll need a good cook.”

Barrenger looked out to the horizon; the sun was setting painting everything with vivid red and orange. As Gharett continued whimpering, Barrenger’s mind wandered a moment, he thought of his first friend in this part of the galaxy, Aesha, and the opening ceremonies at Celestia he’d been part of.  The Battle of Black Sands he’d stumbled into because his rattletrap had crashed near there. The convoys he’d escorted, the sieges he’d participated in as a mercenary, so many names and memories that went with them.

Gharett stared at Barrenger in anticipation.

“Yeah I guess you can come Gharett, if that’s your choice.” Barrenger said.

“Yay!” exclaimed Gharett as he began hopping around Barrenger in celebration.

Gharett’s excitement reminded Barrenger of Britney, who always seemed happy and could always be counted on to have cookies, stashed somewhere. Memories flooded in unbidden.

Falcun Nix who was always there when needed.

See’la who had gone respectable and was managing her family’s holdings on Ryloth.

Amandionia and the folks at her droid works.

Zheeza, Wishimay, Nixon, Leafbacca, the names and faces kept coming. He would miss them all.

 Barrenger looked at his Chromometer, it was time for another IMC convoy back on Tatooine. Ramona was probably closing up Jailbirds now, shooing everybody over to the IMC office.  “No Ramona,” whispered Barrenger,” I haven’t got any more news for ya.” 

The sun had set, and Barrenger realized tears were running down his face as memories of adventures with these people came to mind. He quickly wiped them away.

“Goodbye Dad, rest in peace.”

“Let’s go,” said Barrenger. Gharett dutifully obeyed climbing into his rattletrap and quickly gulping down the last of his soup. Barrenger followed suit taking one last look at the now darkened horizon.

 A short time later the two Rattleraps docked with the Ebony Blade. LE-T0 greeted them as they arrived on the bridge.

“Everything ready?” Asked Barrenger.

“Of course sir, hyperspace coordinates have been calculated.”

Barrenger nodded, and he took his seat in the pilot chair. 

“Farewell Galaxies I’ve known.” Whispered Barrenger.

With a pull of a lever stars turned to starlines, and the Ebony Blade was never seen again.