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Author Topic: Around The Galaxy - Final Edition  (Read 880 times)

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Around The Galaxy - Final Edition
« on: December 14, 2011, 09:40:11 PM »
The voice over:
"Welcome to Around the Galaxy, with Ami Kota. Where you get the galaxy's latest, in a flash! Today, we look back with Jenni Kodaigo, over the life of a holo-reporter. First, we have this:

*A full screen with the coordinates for The Resort on the Lake, along with date and time for the service.
Voice over: "The Resort on the Lake, Dantooine, will be hosting a Memorial Service for the Kotas. We mourn together, the life lost, and look forward to the lives ahead. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. The Kota Memorial Service will take place in front of city hall, Industrial Park, Dantooine.  All of those who knew the Kotas are invited."
*The full screen fades to an image of Jenni seated at the news desk of the Around the Galaxy set.*

She nods quietly, and takes in a slow breath before beginning.

"Recently, we lost one of the galaxy's finest holo-reporters. Ami Kota and her husband Ash'tin Kota were recently killed in a speeder accident. The details of the accident itself, have not yet been released. We, however, are here to talk about their life."
An over the shoulder graphic of Ami's headshot appears on the screen with Jenni.

"Ami was the original host for Around the Galaxy. But.. before she worked for Around the Galaxy, she was a reporter in her home."
Jenni smiles and bites her lip, then nods and continues. "While time prevents us from airing her first breaking news report, it is worth noting, her undercover reporting made quite a splash." Jenni smiles.
"She was the youngest child born to Vorden and Annalyse Kodaigo. Ami had four older brothers, and definitely made herself a pest to them. *Jenni swallows hard and nods.*As the years past, she followed her dreams.  When she was 12 years old, she was interviewed regarding her future endeavors. Here is the footage."

Jenni turns to the side, and looks to the large screen as an image of two young girls appears. The video begins, and fades to full screen.

A blonde girl, wearing a purple hat, and long purple feather boa, is seated opposite a brunette, wearing a red hat, and a white leather vest. The brunette holds a microphone in her hands and nods to the camera before beginning.

Jenni: "Miss Kodaigo... you have achieved such great success at such a young age. What would you say is your motivation?"
Ami: "My motivation? *rolls her eyes to the ceiling and blinks, thinking.* Well... I'd have to say, *looks back to Jenni* my motivation comes from wanting to make a difference for the galaxy. I believe firmly that it is important for the public to be well informed. Well informed citizens means a stronger community as a whole." *She nods for emphasis*
The camera jostles slightly, and then settles again. Ami glances to the camera quickly and shakes her head, then looks back to Jenni.

Jenni: "And... Miss Kodaigo... who would you say is your mentor? The one you look to for guidance?"
Ami: "Definitely my brother Josy.... My family as a whole, but my brother Josy has been a great encouragement, and makes it easier for me to push forward. He is truly an amazing entertainer, and he believes that you should do what amuses. *she grins broadly* So... I do what amuses. He was the one who helped me with my very first story. It was an undercover story. *she giggles softly, then regains her composure and nods formally to Jenni.* Definitely Joswan Kodaigo, my brother.

Jenni: *giggles softly, then shakes her head and clears her throat* "Miss Kodaigo... What would you say to others who wish to follow in your footsteps?"

A redheaded young man, approximately 19 years old, rolls through the background and ducks behind a chair. He peeks out, seemingly unnoticed by the girls.

"I'd definitely have to say... *puts a hand to her chest and sighs dramatically* Always follow your heart." *She smiles and nods to the camera.*

At that time the redhead stands up and moves closer, pretending to swoon, and falls at Ami's feet. "Ohhh!!! Miss Kodaigo!!! Can I have your autograph? You're my -faaaaavorite hollllo star!-"

The girls shriek and Ami throws her hat at him. "Kazen! You're interupting our interview!!" They start giggling and attack Kazen tickling him. The camera drops to its side and a little blond boy, about 8 years old, runs around the camera, to join the attack. At this time, the image fades to the large screen, and Jenni looking on. She wipes at her eyes and then turns to the camera again.

"That was the start of her success. And... the truth behind it. Her family."
The image zooms in, to a head and shoulders shot of Jenni.
"Ami would have been the first to state that her family is the reason she was as successful as she was. She always stayed close, and she adored her brothers."
Jenni wipes at her eyes again, and starts to speak, then blinks. She takes in another breath and nods to the camera.

"Ami met her captain... her true love, when she was 18 years old. She and he married a year and later. They adopted a little girl, and had a son. Ami and Ash were the closest couple I think I'd ever met. They were truly each others' destiny. There was never a question. He adored her and doted on her, and she got giddy at the mere mention of his name. Even after marriage and children... she would giggle about a flower he left for her on the table, or a note. You could not have found a better match for Ami's character, than Ash."
An over the shoulder graphic of Ash and Ami together appears.
"Ash was her protector, and her confidant. He was her soul mate. He was a strong man, who took family seriously. Ash lived his life protecting his family, and always put them before himself. He was an amazing father, and a fantastic husband, and *her voice splits* and a wonderful brother."
Jenni clears her throat and continues.
"Never were two people better suited for each other than Ash and Ami. He often helped her with the editing and filming of the Around the Galaxy reports. Ami once claimed, 'He captains my heart'. And... no words can better describe."

Jenni closes her eyes a moment, then opens them again.
"Last week, the galaxy lost one of their most amazing holo-reporters, yet she and Ash will live on in our hearts. Thank you to all of her Around the Galaxy fans, for your support. Ash and Ami Kota will be missed."
Jenni closes her eyes, and the screen goes black. A moment later, an image of Ash and Ami fades on the screen. The image remains, until the closing music ends. The image fades to black.

Ami Kodaigo Kota
Around the Galaxy

Jenni Jannestyn
Press Agent, New Doros