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Robo-Lek Nunabutt:
Orange Bagel aka Oranbega, the Illustrious Xenku Ral and Ayy'shiri are going to be redoing the storyteller props in Crusher's Junction over the next few days.  If are a citizen or have an IC story running in the city, let us know what props to add to the new city blueprint.  You can do this by PM or contacting us IG.  (Ayy'shiri, 'Runan', Xenku, Kwade, Cazne'tal)

Speak now!

Or give us popcorn, we like popcorn.

This is why you need a union. Union rules specifically demand an edible currency of cookies, food items of equal value or higher. All this time you've been working for popcorn?

Robo-Lek Nunabutt:
I can eat the popcorn. Union regulations do not specify if they are gluten-free cookies.

Lorda Garubba:
Looking forward to moving operations here, hopefully.

Great city! /endorse


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