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I must be hungry because Te'he's statue looks like chocolate!

--- Quote from: Te'he on March 08, 2011, 02:45:51 AM ---
(Work in progress)

City Rules
- Mos Carova is not a democracy, there is no city council, although citizens are free to give their opinions and suggestions for the city but the final decision belongs to the Mayor.

- Citizens are not allowed to take over the current Mayor's seat

- Destroying buildings is frowned upon, the mayor snaps easily. Don't break them please.

- Anyone claiming legal authority (other than the Mayor) is to be shot.  The  Mayor will pay anyone who shoots them a bonus, for being a 'concerned citizen'.

- The Authority of Mos Carova ask to the spice dealers and such to keep things low durring their transactions, preferably  in a quiet place and not in the middle of the street.

- Mos Carova is a neutral territory, we do not take for Galactic Empire or Rebellion.

- Once a month patrols can come through the city, looking for members of the opposite faction, not criminals, because troopers are concerned with the galactic civil war, not with thieves and pushers, no matter how paranoid the pushers and thieves may be.  The troopers should make it clear they are not there to interrupt any 'business' operations, and do their best not to do anything that might set off one of the half crazy meth addicts with rocket launchers.

- If troopers get concrete information of something requiring a raid, (rebel cell, enemies of the state, etc)  they can make a targeted strike to achieve their objective.  However, if their concrete information proves to be wrong, they should pull out, not spread out their search to areas not included in the original info, as this will antagonize the locals and antagonized locals are much too trigger happy.

- Troopers are more than welcome to send in spies, informants, hired guns, or even themselves incognito to search for ennemies.  They're also more than welcome to offer bribes to the criminals to inform on any members of the opposite faction hanging around Carova.

- If someone commits treason outside of the city and runs inside, the troopers are welcome to chase them through the city shooting while the citizens watch and make smart comments about it, and possibly make bets on the outcome, because in all honestly watching someone get shot is always a hoot as long as the blasters aren't aimed at us.

The Desert Pearl
(The main cantina in town for casual RP, open everyday!)
The Krayt Escape (Themed Nightclub owned by Glaston Pirates)
Trans::Fusion Recording Studio(Store, Recording Studio and Cafe)
Passik Rol Hotel
(Ryloth themed Hotel, offering plenty of comfy rooms)
New Epoch Philosopher's Society(Library)
Chez Candy
Public Pool
(Open 24/7, showers and mini bar)

Mos Carova is currently looking for new citizens. However, if you would like to get set up in the city but are unable to declare, you are more than welcome as well.

Although be warned, sometimes the city might not have enough room for your structure, you can talk with the mayor about the current status of the city.

We are most interested in players who would enjoy moving in to the city, declaring citizenship and RPing within the city limits.

--- End quote ---

Chocolate Twi'lek

Num num num :3

Not sure if this is the place to ask or not, but with the change of mayor and Xal's contract being with Te'he....is Xal still head of security for the Pearl or will he have to write up a new contract with the new mayor?  Yeah I know no one goes there, but it's still a job damnit, lol.

The Fukcing Enclave Guy:
Good ol' Carova.



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