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Author Topic: Ash'tin and Ami Kota Memorial  (Read 3585 times)

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Ash'tin and Ami Kota Memorial
« on: December 14, 2011, 11:02:16 PM »
A'rai steps forward, taking a position in front of the gathered guests. She looks around at the faces of those standing before her, her eyes falling on Vercer to the side. He gives her a gentle nod, and she clears her throat.

"Thank y' f' comin'. 'tis a sad reas'n t'bring all a y't' gathah 'eah 'gain. Man'a y'knew Ash an' Ami f' 'long time, an' loved 'em 's fam'ly. Th'fam'ly 'as faced a lot, an' th's brought a deep sadness t' all." A'rai runs her hand through her hair and looks to the large statue beside her, and the fountain situated between the new statue and the existing statue.

"W've d'cided t'place m'moiah'l statues f' th'both. Not b'cause 'ey would 'ave want'd 'em... but s' w'ave a place t'come an' r'membah 'em. Ash.... ehm... was m'brothah... an' 'll miss 'im s'veahly. 'e spent 'is time 'eah... makin' 't safah an' easiah f' th' rest a 's. 'll miss 'is smile an' 'is pres'nce. Ash an' Ami's littl'ns will grow t'keep 'em 'n th' 'eahts... an' fam'ly will 'elp t'keep th' mem'ry 'live. S'long 's w'keep 'em with 's.... 'n ah 'eahts... 'ey will b' 'eah with 's." A'rai clears her throat, as a tear rolls down her cheek.

"Man' a y'knew 'em... an' t'gethah... w'can keep 'em 'eah." She closes her eyes a moment, firming her jaw and taking in a slow breath. Running her hand through her hair, she opens her eyes again. " 'd like t'take th's time... t' 'ave othahs give what 'ey 'ave t'say... shaiah mem'ries a th'two."

She nods to the group, and then moves to where Vercer is standing. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, and takes the hands of the two small boys standing in front of Vercer. One of the boys tugs on her hand, and she kneels beside him, pulling him to her shoulder with one arm, holding him close.

(Open /tag to any who wish to attend)

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Re: Ash'tin and Ami Kota Memorial
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2011, 12:58:45 PM »
"I can't do this," Josy whispers to Bekkah. She rolled her eyes at him, and he can feel the not-very-subtle warmth from her.

"You can," Bekkah whispers back, as if explaining that the sky was blue, or the grass was purple. "It's a stage. You'll be better there than out here."

Taking a ragged deep breath, Josy stands and comes forward. He turns to face the crowd. "Lim, Kaz, just want to say one thing: I liked Ami best."

He lifts a hand, "I know, not a huge revelation. Everyone liked her best. She had us all wrapped around her pinky from the moment she entered the stage of our lives, spotlight always on her. You'd think that should have made me jealous, egotistical bastard that I was and am. But she was a protege, a friend, always fun, even when she turned her pranks on me, the pest.

"Well, don't deal what you can't take. And I took them. I also dunked her in any body of water. Something special about that howl of protest, both before and after. I always found a reason to dunk her. It was fun.

Josy wipes away new springing tears from his face. "I'll always regret putting myself in that situation to miss five years of her life, causing her to think I was dead. Table's turned, only this time I know she's not coming back. But when I returned from that absence, and discovered our soon-to-be brother Ash'tin, I knew he was in deep, deep trouble if we didn't teach him how to handle her."

"Amitsu's a handful. When he triggered the oil and grubs trap in my then new basement, I told Ash about the tradition of dunking. He picked her up, making sure to smear her all over with the goo, and ran her to the nearest lake. She howled the entire way. That's when I knew they'd be just fine for each other. My brother, my sister. I-"

Josy chokes up, shakes his head and takes his seat by Bekkah. He sobs into her neck.

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